Post #1

Welcome to Webpixel Media

This is post #1 of a blog inspired by daily life as a web designer on the Costa Blanca. Aside from updates on new sites and other projects at Webpixel Media, I’m aiming to share a variety of info, news, tips, tricks and other interesting snippets from around the Web. With any luck, some of this might even prove useful to you, as a small business owner, entrepreneur, or webmaster.

That’s the aim.

Looking to improve your customer conversions? Wondering why your website is stuck on page 2 of Google search? Need better returns for the time you spend on social media? These are the kinds of subjects on which I hope to offer useful information and actionable tips and advice that you can use to improve your own website’s performance and your online marketing efforts.

But wait, there’s more…

As someone who eats and breathes visual design and communication, I’ll also be sharing interesting finds in the arts, photography and advertising that I stumble across, online and locally. And let’s not forget, every other day some new meme appears, whether it’s a sad looking cat or a rotund Korean karaoke singer. Naturally, I’ll be posting some of that nonsense occasionally too. So, enjoy!

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Hello World!