Things can get a little crazy in Spain during the summer months, with a full calendar of eccentric local festivals taking place throughout the country, none more so that La Tomatina in Buñol. Every year in this small village, locals and tourists come together in an orgy of juicy red destruction, as they make battle in the town’s streets, using ripe tomatoes as ammo.

Tomatina tomato festival in Buñol, Spain

Enter Google, the world’s librarian, its finger on the pulse of the here and now, with the bright idea of sending in one of their Street View cars to take photos for Google Maps at La Tomatina. Apparently the plan was to arrive once the celebrations had subsided and before the streets were cleaned to capture the scene for posterity, but someone forgot to tell the driver!

As the car and its hapless occupants found themselves deep in the ketchup, the Twitter-sphere lit up with images of the action. Revellers quickly engulfed the vehicle, seeking tactical advantage on the roof, and began raining down tomato after tomato from this improvised mobile firing platform. Sadly, the car ended up heavily damaged in the melée, and failed to record a single photo…

Google maps car at Tomatina festival in Spain, 2015

Better luck next year!

Google maps at La Tomatina 2015