Keep one eye on the target at all times!

Photography & retouching for print & web

Heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words“? If your images look like they were shot on a cheap camera phone on a dreary day (on a slant, and with a dirty lens for good measure), don’t expect those words to be good! People notice images. So, if you rely on the same clichéd stock photos your competitors do, that’s how you’ll look. Or, we can help you look like a pro…

Original images vs. stock photography

Illustrations and photographs pass information to your readers with great immediacy. Whether you’re demonstrating the operation of a product, or a set of key concepts, descriptive high quality images will create an immediate bond with your visitors. If they relate to your choice of images, they’ll find it easier to relate to you. If your images are cheap and clichéd, what can that say?

We provide photography and retouching services, whether you need to show off your venue, your staff, or demonstrate your product. We can also source a wide range of commercial stock photography and pre-made design assets. If you’re using stock photography, the key is to be original, and find images that have not been heavily used before. But, it’s always best to create your own if you can…


Pinching images from Google etc.

Pinching “free” images from other websites or Google Images is a really bad idea. They’re not free, they’re owned by someone somewhere, and protected by copyright. Now that search engines recognise images, it’s simple to search the Web for them and detect theft. While this may not get you sued in court, it can be enough to cause you major problems with your hosting provider, and harm your Google search ranking.