Painting Like Sorolla is a series of painting courses and workshops in the style and technique of the famous Valencian impressionist.

For any budding artist with a taste for the work of the great impressionist painters, what could possibly be better than the opportunity to study and learn from their techniques whilst painting the same scenes, bathed in the same light, breathing the same air as those great masters?

Painting Like Sorolla applies this principle to the study of the style of Joaquin Sorolla, feted in the Valencian region and throughout the world as an artist of huge historical importance, with a series of courses in the coastal town of Javea, where Sorolla painted many of his most famous works.

When we were approached for this project by renowned Belgian painter Marc Meyer, we were thrilled. Marc is well known in the art community, with a prolific body of work, and has used his teaching studio to organise painting courses in Javea for many years. Marc is also an expert on Sorolla.

Painting Like Sorolla website

The site provides a simple linear experience, that answers for the visitor all the basic questions about the course, content, tuition and location, and invites further contact or booking. The site aims to be easy to read and understand, without too much text, and provide a sense of the experience.

The website is delivered in its entirety in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. Many of the images it contains can be clicked to enlarge, and pop-up in an overlaid photo gallery. We developed the logo for this project from an adaptation of an original typeface popular during Sorolla’s era.

Painting Like Sorolla website